Control system

Night scene lighting intelligent management platform


Control system

Super-sized smart city control platform



ROLEDS intelligent cloud control platform is a comprehensive management platform for city-level night scene planning,
which adopts a new generation of Internet of things communication technology.
The platform is equipped with the centralized control and management of multi-elements such as cross-regional night view lighting,
intelligent power supply, intelligent street lamps, intelligent monitoring and stage lighting,etc.
With the help of a variety of physical ports and a variety of sensing devices,
it has a strong sensing ability to collect various operating states, data, environmental parameters, etc.,
And through innovative applications, effectively realizing fault warning,
intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent interaction.
The construction of open platform can expand more application fields and help the construction of smart city.

Smart Landscape lighting solution



Independent innovation R & D control system

The enterprise of the few that carries out R&D of lamps and control system synchronously and independently in the field of outdoor lighting.


Intelligent cloud control system 1.0

Self-developed intelligent cloud control system, managing and monitoring and analysising to the night scene lighting with Centralized intelligent control platform.


National 13th five-year research

Research on key technologies of intelligent lighting system for public buildings: system security and reliability


Intelligent cloud control system 2.0

The intelligent cloud control system has been upgraded with enhanced security and reliability, and more intelligent modules of smart cities have been developed.


Deep development of comprehensive intelligent landscape application and immersive experience.

prize patent
  • International advanced technology Innovation award of control system

  • First prize of technological innovation

  • High-tech enterprise

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  • Big data cloud operation and maintenance platform

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  • Roleds Intelligent power supply management software

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  • The device of night lighting system in which the lighting effect is determined by the viewer

  • The device that transmits the sound accompanying the light program

  • Remote operation and maintenance device by night view intelligent lighting system

  • High frequency multifunctional sub-control structure for intelligent lighting system

  • High frequency multifunctional control structure for intelligent lighting system

  • Sub-controller

  • Master Controller