Interpretation of ROLEDS's mysterious black technology to help the Bird's Nest shine in the Winter Olympics

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At 8:00 pm on February 4, 2022, the 24th Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics are in full swing in Beijing which host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The upgraded National Stadium made a stunning appearance, presenting a splendid opening ceremony performance to the world.


 From “the Yellow River's waters move out of heaven” to “The Pine Greeting Guests” shaped fireworks, from the wonderful five rings carved out of ice to the creative ways to light the main Torch, every aspect of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony is amazing. As the main venue of the opening ceremony, the Bird's Nest staged a Chinese-style romantic myth for the world with a new look.


In order to present such a shocking performance, Bird's Nest started the upgrade project a year and a half ago.

As an overall solution provider of urban smart lighting, ROLEDS is honored to participate in the upgrade of smart lighting in the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) .

With strong scientific and technological strength, high-quality products and professional technical services, we build a technological, intelligent and humanized National Stadium(Bird's Nest) to help the successful holding of the Winter Olympics.

Oriental color shows Chinese red  Innovative technology lights up the Bird's Nest


The National Stadium (Bird's Nest) has undertaken the major task of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.

Taking "Chinese Red" as the design concept, we adopted two star products of ROLEDS: RWW65 of Golf series and RWW90 of Matrix series to upgrade the smart lighting of the Bird's Nest.


Based on our own professional research on smart color, ROLEDS presents Chinese Red of Bird's Nest with innovative technology by virtue of the international digital light color system. This optical color technology has obtained Chinese and international (US) invention patents.



High-quality LED products, combined with self-developed optical lenses, improve color saturation and light efficiency; SDCM color tolerance is less than 5, the color is more uniform and there is no color difference; Ra.>90, R9>50, restore the original color of the building, showing high saturation light effect.


Under the same power, the lighting effect of the night scene of upgraded Bird's Nest is more eye-catching, showing the bright oriental civilization with pure Chinese red.

In order to improve the light quality, a high-gray-scale 65536 chip is used, and the combination of single-channel and multi-channel realizes total brightness dimming and color temperature curve control; supports 10K refresh rate, no stroboscopic and no jitter.

Through technical means such as hardware plus filter circuit and absorption circuit design, the electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic tolerance are improved, and the stability and light quality of lamps are upgraded through technical means to create a smoother lighting effect and improve the visual experience.

Customized anti-glare design   Bringing up a humanized light environment


Considering the positioning of the Bird's Nest building and creating a humanized light environment, lighting designers have put forward higher requirements for lighting anti-glare.



In the early stage of the project, the technical team of ROLEDS repeatedly inspected, measured, and debugged on site, and finally came up with a customized anti-glare solution that adapts to the complex environment of the Bird's Nest.

In addition to the conventional hoods, various types of anti-glare accessories such as heightened hoods, honeycomb grille, and grille nets are used to block all directions of the direct-view light source, so that the building walls can be evenly illuminated without dark areas and at the same height. It can solve the problem of psychological anti-glare and create a humanized light environment.

ROLEDS' quality contributes to the Winter Olympics


In order to improve the lighting effect of the Bird's Nest at night, ROLEDS has upgraded the lighting of the red walls and the back of the stands, and the overhangs on the top floor.

For aesthetic reasons, ROLEDS tailor-made the product appearance of red, silver-gray and black for the Bird's Nest, which truly realize seeing the light but can not see the lights’ body and restore the beauty of art. In addition, the wiring of the lamp body is bound to ensure that it does not exceed the width of the lamp body and can be seen tidier; in addition to the conventional anti-fall rope, secondary protection is reinforced to fully ensure safety.


During the 100-day project, the team of ROLEDS worked together with professional technical services and the spirit of study without fear of hardship, to hand in a perfect answer for the upgrade of smart lighting system of the Bird's Nest. 


The quality of ROLEDS helps to improve the night scene of the Bird's Nest. Under the background of "double carbon", it makes the Bird's Nest look new and shines brightly in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, showing to the world the country's self-confidence, openness and tolerance.

2022  Fight for the Winter Olympics 2022.

Wish the Olympic athletes to be invincible and achieve great results!