ROLEDS Future City Showroom Opening Ceremony Held Successfully

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On December 21, 2022, the opening ceremony of "Low Carbon Smart Night Economy" and ROLEDS Future City Exhibition Hall was successfully held at ROLEDS Hangzhou Headquarters.

Feng Jing, Deputy Secretary of Gongshu District Committee and Mayor of Gongshu District, Song Xiaoqing, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Hangzhou City Administration, Zhang Jianming, member of Gongshu District Standing Committee and Party Group of District Government, Shi Tao, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Information Office of the Propaganda Department of District Committee, Dong Zhong, Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch and Deputy Director of Hangzhou City Landscape Development Center, Cui Xueling, Chief of Landscape Lighting Section of City Landscape Development Center, Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association Secretary General Wang Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Gongshu District Science and Technology Functional Industrial Zone Management Committee Yu Chong, Party Committee Member and Deputy Director of District Science and Technology Functional Industrial Zone Management Committee Cai Haibin, as well as Loledis Chairman Wang Zhongquan, Deputy General Manager Hu Jie and other leading guests attended the event.

A new moment to witness

ROLEDS future city showroom new display

The opening ceremony of "Low Carbon Smart Night Economy" is co-organized by Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association and Hangzhou Roleds Technology Co.


▲Speech by Feng Jing, Deputy Secretary of Gongshu District Committee and Mayor of Gongshu District 

Mr. Feng Jing, Deputy Secretary of Gongshu District Committee and Mayor of Gongshu District, firstly congratulated the opening of Roleds Future City Exhibition Hall, and at the same time affirmed the milestones achieved by ROLEDS as a key enterprise in Gongshu District, and spoke highly of the contribution made by ROLEDS in the development of urban intelligent lighting industry, expecting ROLEDS to achieve better development in the future.


▲Speech by Wang Jian, Secretary General of Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association 

Wang Jian, Secretary General of Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association, was pleased with the completion of ROLEDS' future city showroom, and said that the bright night lighting cannot be achieved without the participation of Hangzhou's excellent lighting enterprises. In the background of the new era, ROLEDS can actively embrace the market changes and complete the change of strategic model and digital upgrade, which has set a model of excellent enterprises for the industry. He hopes that ROLEDS will take the Future City Showroom as an opportunity to bring a new impetus to the sustainable development of Hangzhou's night economy and urban intelligent lighting under double carbon with continuous innovation and deep plowing.


▲ Speech by Wang Zhongquan, Chairman of ROLEDS

 Wang Zhongquan, Chairman of ROLEDS, gave a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Mayor Feng Jing, Deputy Director Song Xiaoqing, Secretary General Wang Jian and other leaders and guests for their presence, while thanking the leaders at all levels for their continuous support and encouragement to ROLEDS, and explained the significance of the new upgrade of the future city exhibition hall, expressing ROLEDS' "one core and four wings The new city showroom is the most important one in the world, expressing the strategic development concept of "one core and four wings" of Lollardis, combining with the digital future factory, building comprehensive core competitiveness, accelerating the pace of Chinese lighting brands to the world, and contributing to the global lighting development with China's intellectual strength.


▲ROLDS Deputy General Manager Hu Jie, the host of the kick-off ceremony

At 15:33 p.m., all the leaders on the scene participated in the opening ceremony together and fired the congratulatory gun to start the new journey of ROLEDS.


▲ROLEDS future city showroom opening ceremony

A new future with a new journey

The official opening of the future city exhibition space

After the opening ceremony, Mayor Feng Jing, Deputy Director Song Xiaoqing, Secretary General Wang Jian and other leaders visited ROLEDS Future City showroom. Facing the ever-changing market, based on the thinking of the new era and global development trend, ROLEDS Future City Showroom practices smart technology and green low-carbon sustainable ecological development as the core, injecting stronger power for smart city.


ROLEDS continues to focus on the development of national strategies, practice the double carbon goal, build an industrial Internet platform, and take the urban smart lighting SaaS platform as the core, set smart light pole, smart landscape, smart public, meta-universe immersive lighting, software and hardware all-scene integrated solution service system to help smart city construction. At the same time, the future city exhibition hall will also be open to the public as a research base for urban digitalization, smart technology, low-carbon night economic development and rural revitalization, providing a platform for learning and exchange.

With the intersection of culture, art and craftsmanship, technology and the future, the showroom interprets ROLEDS' "one core and four wings" intelligent lighting solution service system through visualization and scenarios.


It is not only the brand display space of ROLEDS, but also a bright business card for the development of urban intelligent lighting in the new era. In the future, ROLEDS will continue to rely on its own advantages and precise positioning to become a leading global lighting technology enterprise.


After visiting the exhibition hall, Chairman Wang Zhongquan reported to the leaders the party building work and social welfare activities carried out by the party branch of ROLEDS. ROLEDS adheres to the corporate mission of "warming every corner of the world with light" and conveys the cultural concept of not forgetting the original intention and sincere dedication.

In response to the call of building a modern industrial system, accelerating the construction of a strong manufacturing country, a strong quality country, a strong network country and a digital China, and promoting the new industrialization, ROLEDS has been carrying out the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, and is striving to be innovative, vigorous and united.

Promote night economy and enhance night vitality

Seize new opportunities to explore new areas and climb new peaks


After the inspection and research, Mayor Feng Jing, Deputy Director Song Xiaoqing and other leaders communicated further with Chairman Wang Zhongquan.


Mayor Feng Jing said that ROLEDS, as a national "Specialized, Specialized and New" small giant enterprise, has produced fruitful results in this vibrant, open and promising innovative land of Gongshu. We hope that ROLEDS will continue to cultivate Gongshu, strengthen its core business, enlarge its industrial scale, seize new opportunities, explore new fields and scale new heights, contribute wisdom and strength to the enhancement of the new Gongshu night scene, and give the people a greater sense of gain and happiness.


Deputy Director Song Xiaoqing said that at this stage, the construction of Hangzhou lighting industry ecological chain needs to be increased, while looking forward to ROLEDS contributing advanced low-carbon lighting technology to the "night scene lighting to boost the development of the night economy research project", and jointly exploring the ecological development of the metaverse, innovative applications, and providing momentum for the high-quality development of the urban lighting industry.


Chairman Wang Zhongquan said that the visit of the leaders is a great encouragement and encouragement to ROLEDS, and thanked the leaders for their long-term care and support for ROLEDS, which has pointed out the direction for the development of the company. Under the leadership of the party committee, government and industry associations, ROLEDS will continue to increase investment in R&D and innovation, better serve the construction of smart cities, help the development of urban economy and improve the quality of life of the people.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the leaders for their visit, and ROLEDS will continue to work hard to contribute to the digital economic development of Hangzhou and Gongshu as well as the further enhancement of urban intelligent lighting!

Care for the world with light!