The MATRIX Series Product Won the ALIGHTING AWARD

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On June 9th, the ALIGHTING Awards Ceremony was held at the Langham Place Guangzhou, with the arrival of the annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition). The theme of this ceremony is "Lighting the story – you and I.”


The MATRIX 3.0 SERIES FLOOD LIGHT was awarded Top 10 Products of 6th ALIGHTING AWARDS, Under the witness of nearly 600 guests from lighting industry.


 The “MATRIX” Writing the Melody of Light

ALIGHTING AWARD- Top Ten Products Awards

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ALIGHTING AWARD is an authoritative award in the field of lighting, aiming to encourage innovation, setting the industry benchmark, providing guidance for the lighting industry, promoting the development of the lighting industry and enhancing the international influence of Chinese products.


The MATRIX 3.0 Series Flood Light stood out of the 1,200 selections with its outstanding quality and performance and won the Top 10 

Product Award of the 6th ALIGHTING AWARD.

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MATRIX 3.0 SERIES FLOOD LIGHT is awarded Top 10 Products of the 6th ALIGHTING AWARD


Before the ceremony, Mr. Wang Zhongquan, the founder of ROLEDS, attended media interview and introduced the strength of ROLEDS and the advantage of the MATRIX products, and elaborated on the lighting concept of “One City Lit by One Light.”

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Mr. Wang is attending media interview

The “MATRIX” Light Art Tour

 “MATRIX” Lit the Light of the city


MATRIX 3.0 series offers outdoor LED lighting solution for super high-rise building with 1KW RGBW. It can easily control super high-rise buildings over 300 meters bringing excellent light efficiency.


1K watts MATRIX breaks the complexities showing the pure beauty light of high-rise buildings. Its 3.5°minimum light beam angle brings the light to infinite height.

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MATRIX 3.0 series products laid a solid foundation for the realization of lighting design, with full coverage of 1 to 1000 watts of power, reliable optical performance, and exquisite industrial design.

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The MATRIX 3.0 Family


One City Lit by One Light. In 2017, MATIRX lights up Erdos- the desert city only using one kind of light, satisfying the mountains, sculptures, river dikes, green plants, waterfall wall washing, projection and stereo, etc. After that, the MATRIX has successively illuminated other major cities such as Nanchong, Putian and Qingdao.

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MAZU Culture Forum Exhibition Center lit by MATRIX

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Qingdao SCO Summit 2018 Lit by MATRIX


At the 6th ALIGHTIG Award ceremony, ROLEDS has won the “Top Ten Products” award, which fully demonstrates the R&D strength and the excellent quality of “MATRIX”.


As a provider of LED outdoor lighting system solutions, ROLEDS will continuously adhere to the "professional and efficient" concept, not forget the initial and strive to become a world-class Lighting brand by innovative thinking, integrating the latest technology of the times and constantly making breakthroughs.




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