The lecture of Matrix | Successful design award 『Matrix step light』/ Right-angle light

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About Matrix


2019-2020 Successful design award Matrix step light/ Right-angle light


NO.1Lecture of Matrix

Hi! Nice to meet again! This is the "Lecture of Matrix" , I am Matrix guy with both appearance and strength.I always share Matrix secrets and news in 360 degrees. 

Today, we are lucky to invite Andy, the industrial designer of the product department, to share the right-angle lamp which is awareded as the most successful design award of the year in the 2020 successful design competition, also known as the Matrix step light.


Industrial designer Andy

Andy-A senior industrial designer with both talent and beauty!

He participated in some outdoor lighting products design which have won many design awards and appearance patents. Secretly speaking, the 2020 Golf Linear Series is created by him.

NO.2 Andy


△Its lighting effects

Regarding outdoor lighting products, everyone pays more attention to product performance, but in fact, its design and appearance also matters. Whether it is in harmony with the building, and its installation convenience, waterproof and the weather resistance performance etc. are requested characteristics that an excellent lighting products.

Roleds Matrix Step Light is people-oriented, deeply insightful, and it ingeniously translate potential needs into two domain languages of "design" and "function". From design to completion, the product has undergone multiple inspections, multi-dimensional views and onsite test.


In the 2019-2020 annual successful design competition, with its own strength, it is awared with the most successful design award (machinery industry category) which is also the highest award and honor in the category.


△Matrix Step Light is awared as the third prize of the by 2018 (7th) China International Lighting Design Competition

In fact, the first generation of Matrix step lamp launched by Roleds in 2018 is awared as third prize by the 7th China International Lighting Design Competition with its unique product design, professional product performance and artistic innovation ability.


△Matrix step light is awarded as golden pin design award in 2019

The Matrix step light once again highlighted its encirclement with a very user-friendly design concept after one year R&D in 2019, as a result, it is awarded by Golden Pin Design Award, an internatiaonl honor.


The Matrix step light has undergone continuous innovation and product optimization in the last year. Proudly speaking, the step light with both strength and appearance was highly recognized in the professional field in creative design.

Below is its industrial design charm.


Pure Minimalist, art and function are integrated


As an outdoor LED luminaire with both appearance and function, the Matrix right-angle lamp/step light follows design concept of "See its lighting effects and hide luminaire", and its minimalist and pure geometric style, integrating beauty into nature.


The ingenious design of a quarter circle can make it maximize professional functions in various scenarios.


The luminaire body is made of environmental-friendly and recyclable aviation aluminum alloy material with corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant, the product passed the impact resistance IK07 test, and the surface is treated with a black matte texture.


Tempered glass is good weather resistance and safe, and the anti-glare honeycomb mesh design ensures  light efficiency and maximum anti-glare effect.


It is worth mentioning that this uniquely designed Matrix step light can not only be applied to step scenes, but also can be perfectly displayed in the right-angle area of various buildings.



Matrix step lights have been widely used in various steps and lighting scenes at home and abroad so far, and it was recognized and praised by outdoor lighting field.

That's it for today's lecture, will see you next time.