Embrace digital reform and innovation driven on green and low-carbon

Tag:Special News|Release Time:2021-5-8 14:18:57


Zhejiang province leading digital age.

In recent years, with the country's "new infrastructure" and "digital reform" waves surging, all walks of life in Zhejiang have been actively involved in it. In 2021, Zhejiang Province even pressed the "accelerator key" to reform.


As part of the construction of "Digital Zhejiang", Roleds actively implements the requirements of high-quality development, strengthens the transformation of the company's digital strategy, and technological innovation drives green and low-carbon. Based on smart manufacturing, we build industrial brains and digital factories. We comprehensively improve product quality and production efficiency, meet the diverse needs of customers, and realize the coordinated development of the entire industry chain.

Build digital intelligent manufacturing system

Change production method.



We are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligent manufacturing management from traditional manufacturing enterprises, eliminating outdated production capacity, improving capacity utilization, improving technology level, and reducing supply links to achieve green factories and green production.

From 2019, relying on the national intelligent manufacturing special project, we took the lead in launching the digital and intelligent transformation of production technology, and through vigorously promoting the integration of standardization, automation and information technology, replacing people with machines to improve production efficiency; integrating OA, EPR, MES, and cloud operations Weizhikong, PLM, E-SOP and other management systems are used to build the brain of the digital factory and comprehensively improve the level of "intelligent manufacturing" to achieve manufacturing upgrades.


Over the years, we have insisted on innovative research and development and attached great importance to intellectual property rights. We have more than 150 patents for software, utility models and inventions. We have established the industry’s first intelligent production line of floodlights, and realize the big data system management of the whole process from intelligent production scheduling, warehouse storage, production assembly, process monitoring, one item, one code, warehousing and shipment, so that the factory Operating costs are reduced by 60%, production efficiency is increased by 200%, product development cycle is shortened by 12%, product defect rate is reduced by 85%, and design digitalization rate and key process numerical control rate reach 100%.


So far, we have two intelligent manufacturing bases in Hangzhou Xiaoshan and Hangzhou Yuhang, with a plant area of 12,000 square meters. We provide flexible intelligent production and precise delivery services to meet customer customized needs. Through the complete mass customization and small-batch personalized manufacturing system, the precise docking and efficient matching of supply and demand can be realized.

Building SAAS platform for urban smart lighting



We build urban smart lighting management platform to improve the refined management of urban lighting, so as to facilitate the in-depth development of smart city management and maximize the value of the city's brain.

In 2021, based on the optimization of the industrial structure, we will subdivide industry sectors and build a comprehensive product service system through continuous product innovation and technical services.


Based on our own professional and industry needs, we deeply integrate a new generation of information technology to build an ecological platform for urban smart lighting. Relying on technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and AI intelligence, a visual data center for lighting management is established to perceive the public opinion of urban lighting infrastructure in real time and provide scientific decision-making basis for urban smart operation and maintenance.


At the same time, we deepen the smart lighting product service system, open up the coordinated development of the entire industry chain, improve the smart operation and maintenance of urban lighting and save costs to achieve the goals of green lighting, electricity saving and low carbon emission reduction and energy saving.

In the future, Roleds will continue to promote digital reforms, based on its own technical strength, actively explore continuous breakthroughs, and create power system for the high-quality development of smart lighting in the digital economy, we make contributions to the prvincial strategic goals of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking at an early date.