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verything is ready, the future is here

iRo City Smart Lighting Manager


Escorting the entire life cycle of urban smart lighting


“Engine start stop”

Refined cloud control to ensure project operation


Ensuring the good operation of the project is the primary task of effective management and control of the smart platform. The iRo smart landscape lighting cloud platform realizes multi-scenario setting, real-time program switching, energy saving and environmental protection control etc through loop, node, grouping and overall refined management and control.  Thus the back-end operation process are simplied and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.


Based on Flink algorithm technology, real-time collection of equipment status, alarm data and energy consumption data and other information, powerful back-end data analysis capabilities and combined with the news subscription push mechanism to feed back to the large screen of the management center and the user terminal to achieve the visual management of smart lighting. Thus it provide a favorable decision making basis for operation and maintenance personnel 


▲ROLEDS smart landscape lighting management center large screen


Digital decision

Smart lighting management at your fingertips


In-depth study of smart operation and maintenance, and then upgrade the technical means! The iRo intelligent landscape lighting cloud platform takes the realization of "more humanized and intelligent management" as its core goal, combining new Internet of Things technology, visualized big data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, real-time perception of public opinion situation, intelligent and accurate assignment of work orders , The whole process of operation and maintenance is monitored to solve the pain points of operation and maintenance after the project is delivered.


System monitoring, daily inspections, and regular maintenance process discover abnormalities and automatically generate work orders, AI intelligent tracking, end-to-end business supervision, mobile phone synchronization, realize intelligent management, intelligent operation and maintenance, and create a landscape lighting "smart brain"

-Fault alarm tracking response-


-Smart operation and maintenance mobile dispatch-


The digital, intelligent, and process-based closed-loop design effectively guarantees the long-term stable operation of the project, and achieves substantial optimization of labor costs and time costs.


In addition, the multi-project and multi-city management mode can easily realize one-click monitoring of global projects through management authorization.

Overall layout

Collaborative management


Based on cloud facilities to realize the overall layout and form a reusable, definable, and extensible architecture of the intelligent control platform to meet the needs of users, projects, equipment, multi-dimensional, multi-perspective unified management.


Open platform

Build new ecology of smart cities


The iRo smart landscape lighting cloud platform adopts a micro-service architecture, flexible deployment, dynamic expansion, and supports access to multi-domain applications and multi-form interactions, such as laser shows, security monitoring, fountain systems, sound systems, etc.


Diversified forms of presentation, such as large screens, APPs, small programs, and VR, meet the needs of different scenarios.

It Provide an open API interface to fully prepare for access to the city's brain, and fully contribute to the construction of smart cities.

The Roleds iRo smart landscape lighting cloud platform helps simplify management, improve efficiency, reduce costs, provide smart operation and maintenance for urban lighting, serve a wider area and more cities, and create urban lighting that is harmonious between people and the city, and between people and the environment. New ecology, give full play to the role of urban lighting in promoting economic and social development, and create good economic and social benefits.