Interpret the inside story of the romantic bloom of the ROLEDS Matrix to help the Winter Olympics Torch Stage.

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has ended, and the innovative main torch lighting method has amazed the world.


After the main torch was lit, the torch platforms in the Olympic Plaza and Zhangjiakou and Yanqing competition areas were lit at the same time.

The overall solution of ROLEDS smart lighting helped to pass and light the torch platform in the three major competition areas, showing the Olympic spirit of faster, higher, stronger and more united to the world.

The integration of art and science is the design of the Winter Olympic Torch Platform.


The torch platform in National Stadium (Olympic Center) 


The torch platform in Zhangjiakou Division


The torch platform in Yanqing Division

The torch platforms of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are located in the National Stadium (Olympic Center), Yanqing District, Beijing, and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. And the overall shape was designed by the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University.


On the basis of the main torch of the opening ceremony, fully integrating the requirements of art and engineering technology, the perfect fusion of oriental traditional culture and modern technology embodies the Winter Olympics concept of "simplicity, safety and splendor". Olive branches and romantic ice and snow elements interpreted purity,peace,unity and friendship.  With the help of the ROLEDS LED floodlights of Matrix, the ice crystals were shiny,light and elegant which has become one of the highlights of the Winter Olympics.



The torch stage is composed of "silver ribbon", olive branch snowflake graphic and base turntable, with a total height of about 11 meters and a base table diameter of about 20 meters.The big olive branch snowflake is composed of more than 90 small snowflakes, one snowflake represents a participating country, among them, a stainless steel base with a height of 1.3 meters and an outer diameter of 21.5 meters is added to the lower part of the base of the torch platform in the Olympic central area.

The large olive branch snowflakes are presented in the form of a fixed central axis under the support of silver ribbons, and then through 360° mechanical rotation to present a dynamic and beautiful effect, echoing the spirit of the Winter Olympics.

Technical patent    Accurate light control

Matrix products helped out the romantic bloom of the Snowflake Torch Platform.




The flood light of Matrix independently developed by ROLEDS has won a number of invention patents and innovative technology awards. Through scientific calculation and primary light distribution technology, accurate and uniform illumination is achieved on the main torch platform and the snowflakes representing various countries with a distance of 13m.


At the base of the main torch table, 6 products of Matrix are distributed in a circle and rotate 360° with the torch table. The flood light of Matrix has an ultra-small size of 12cm and is hidden in the scene.


During the process of the project, the professional technical service team of ROLEDS responded quickly within 24 hours and proposed a good overall solution for smart lighting.At the same time, the low-carbon energy-saving and sustainable development concepts adhered to by Matrix products are also fully in line with the Green Winter Olympics.

With the help of the Matrix, the entire Winter Olympics Torch Platform is even more dazzling. Nearly a hundred small snowflakes with the names of participating countries flickering in 360-degree, which is absolutely wonderful.

The Matrix products stably and continuously guards the normal operation of the main torch platform in the three major areas of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and lit together with the Olympic torch until the end of the Winter Olympics.

Continue the Olympic spirit and pass on the good memory of the Winter Olympics.

After the Winter Olympics, the Torch Platform of the three major Winter Olympics areas will remain as Olympic heritage in the National Stadium (Olympic Central Area), Yanqing District, Beijing, and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province to continue the Olympic spirit and pass on the good memory of the Winter Olympics!

As an overall solution provider for urban smart lighting, ROLEDS Matrix has participated in the projects of lighting up Hangzhou G20 Summit, Qingdao SCO Summit, Wuhan Military Games, Shanghai Import Expo, Shaanxi 14th Games and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,etc. Matrix has continuously served major national municipal projects with high quality, high standards and high requirements. The stunning presentation of the Chinese Red of the Bird’s Nest and the Winter Olympics Torch Platform have made the world see the charm of China’s science and technology again, and it is also the pride of ROLEDS as a national enterprise.