Thanks for the affirmation of ROLEDS from the National Stadium!

Tag:News Report|Release Time:2022-5-25 14:23:45

An affirmation   Always encouraged

Recently, the National Stadium Co., Ltd. sent a special letter of thanks to ROLEDS, expressing its gratitude for the successful completion of the guarantee work of the National Stadium for the Beijing Winter Olympics, fully affirmed the professional and refined technical service and selfless dedication of ROLEDS!


Take responsibility and actively contribute to the strength of the enterprise.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end under the world’s attention. The National Stadium which lit by ROLEDS played an important role in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.


In the face of huge challenges, ROLEDS' advanced smart lighting technology and professional technical service team overcame lots of difficulties, made every effort to ensure the safe and smooth operation of various projects, and contributed to the wonderful presentation of the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. The National Stadium (Bird's Nest) also stunned the world with its beautiful “Chinese red”, presenting a Chinese-style romance to the public. ROLEDS's extraordinary quality builds the power of China and shows the demeanor of a great country.



Extraordinary meaning   Remember the proud moment.

The successful holding of the Winter Olympics reflects the great significance of the development of the country in the new era. ROLEDS shoulders the major tasks and responsibilities entrusted by the state, performs the contract with a courageous  and professional service attitude, guarantees operation and maintenance, and actively contributes to the smooth holding of the two Olympics event.


Adhering to the original intention and moving towards the future together.

This thank-you note not only affirms our work, but also gives us the motivation to keep moving forward! In the future, ROLEDS will also continue the spirit and the standards of the Winter Olympics, and we will fully guarantee the Hangzhou Asian Games with a service attitude of innovation and continuous exploration.